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Product Description

QUICK-DRYING & ANTI-BACTERIAL: Our sports towel is super absorbent and dries quickly to prevent the formation of nasty bacteria and odors. Just put it right back in your gym bag after a workout and you are good to go. Because of its unique RCUltraDry™ microfiber material it also stays fresh longer between washes than regular cotton towels.

PURPOSE DESIGNED:  Designed with sports hygiene in mind, the towel has a different design on either side making it easy to remember which side goes on the floor or gym equipment.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT:  Despite its generous size, our towel folds down to the size of a wallet. It’s super light and compact and won't add much weight or take up a lot of space in your gear bag.

PRACTICAL POUCH INCLUDED:  Our towel comes with a practical pouch to keep your towel nice and fresh. It also works great to carry your valuables while you work out at the gym.