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Article: The Best Beach Day Accessories

The Best Beach Day Accessories

The Best Beach Day Accessories

Having trouble styling your swimwear for a day at the beach? There are plenty of accessories to dress up or dress down your outfit, including convenient products that can help make your outing extra fun. If you're not sure where to start, check out these amazing beach accessories recommended by Rocky. 

Bathing Suit Cover-Ups

Driving to the beach in your swimwear can be a bit uncomfortable. The alternative — where you put dry clothes over your swimwear and then put them back on after — isn't much better.

That's why bathing suit cover-ups are ruling at the moment. They give you the freedom and flexibility you need to enjoy your day at the beach and go out to eat or hang out with friends after, all without having to drag along a pile of extra clothes. You'll have no problem finding a bathing suit cover-up that fits your unique style, whether you want something bright and fun or more demure and sophisticated.

Earthy Sandals and Roomy Beach Bags

When putting together your perfect beach day look, consider avoiding too many elements clashing together. Try adding some comfort and simplicity to your outfit with a pair of earthy sandals. Relaxed sandals in earthy colours like brown or dark green provide the perfect balance to eye-catching swimwear and accessories

You can also incorporate rich earth tones into your outfit by accessorising with a roomy beach bag. No one likes having to stuff books, sunglasses, sunscreen, and other beach essentials into tiny bags. Why not balance out your look while making life more convenient at the same time?

Quality Towels with Classic Designs

Pairing your swimwear with a matching towel is one of the easiest ways to amp up your look. That being said, a towel with way too much going on in its design may overwhelm you and distract from your outfit if you want your outfit to stand out. Opt for more classic coastal designs, like those with thick horizontal stripes and bold colours.

Of course, you shouldn't just purchase a towel based on how it looks. There's a huge selection of Australian towels on the market today, but try to stick to towels that are sand-free, ultra-absorbent, and made with quality materials. Otherwise, your new towel may not last you very long.

Accessorise with Rockycay Towels

When it comes to trendy beach accessories, there's no better way to enhance your look than with a Rockycay towel. Our stylish beach towels are sand-free, quick-drying, antibacterial, chemical-free, and handcrafted with immense care. They come in a variety of classic designs, along with a cute compact pouch for easy storage.

We also 5% of all our profits to Ocean Care Organisations, making our towels good for your skin AND for the oceans.

Have any questions about our towels? Feel free to contact us by email at or through our online form. We hope to hear from you soon.

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