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Article: Top 5 Essentials for the Perfect Beach Day

Top 5 Essentials for the Perfect Beach Day

Top 5 Essentials for the Perfect Beach Day

Are you a beach lover looking to elevate your weekend trips to the shore? When loading up your car for the afternoon, try bringing these five high-quality beach products along to make your day extra special!

1. Sunscreen With SPF30+

Sunscreen may seem like a no-brainer; unfortunately, many people either forget to bring it or they purchase a sunscreen based on smell and appearance rather than its sun protection factor (SPF).

To protect your skin under even the harshest sunny afternoons in Australia, opt for sunscreens with an SPF of at least 30. Higher than 30 is ideal, but 30 should be your absolute minimum, as it only allows 3.3% of the sun's UV rays to make contact with your skin.

2. Sunglasses with Polarised Lenses

Sunglasses are similar to sunscreen in the sense that people often make the mistake of buying them based solely on appearance. If you really want to achieve the perfect beach day, however, you may want to look into sunglasses with polarised lenses.

Polarised lenses have an added filter that allows them to sharpen images and reduce glare from the ocean, offering you much more comfort and visibility throughout the day. They're not recommended for nighttime use, so be sure to bring a backup pair if you think you'll need them.

3. Portable Drink Cooler

A compact, portable drink cooler is a great way to store your drinks and keep them cold all day long. Not only does this save you from having to buy overpriced drinks at shops and bars around the beach, but it also gives you a place to store your empty cans until you can rinse and recycle them at home. After all, the best beach days are eco-friendly beach days!

4. Colourful Beach Umbrella

If you love relaxing on the beach but not being directly exposed to the sun, a colourful beach umbrella is a great product to keep in your car. They're incredibly cute and come in lots of different styles and sizes.

With so much variety, you can pick out an umbrella suited just to you or a larger one that keeps your friends and family out of the sun, too. They're also essential if you like to read at the beach, as the glare of the sun can make that pretty difficult to do.

5. Quick Drying - Sand Free Beach Towels

No trip to the beach is complete without a towel, but that doesn't mean you should buy any old towel that matches your swimwear. Instead, treat yourself to an ultra-absorbent, quick-drying towel that brings you style, durability, and comfort.

A standout feature of these special towels is that they're carefully designed to not hold on to sand, which is good news for your bag, car, and anything else that comes into contact with your towel! Quick-drying towels are guaranteed to make your sunbathing extra relaxing or get you out of the ocean and into the car faster if you're in a hurry.


Choose Rockycay for the Best Beach Towels

Rockycay is home to Australia's best ultra-absorbent, quick-drying, anti-bacterial towels. These ethically made towels are sand-free, chemical-free, large yet compact, and packaged using recycled materials. They come in several bright colours and coastal designs that match any beach aesthetic.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us at or fill out our online form.

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